Saturday, January 15, 2011

What is Eternal Soup?

I have been on a "making my own soup kick" for quite some time now, avidly collecting recipes, making huge batches, and taking my creations in to work for lunch meals. While reading a book (the SM Stirling "Emberverse" series) I came across an interesting concept: "Perpetual Stew", which is also known as "Eternal Soup", and "Hunter's Stew". Twenty minutes spent on Google & Wikipedia later...

This concept has been found in many cultures, and goes back hundreds of years. The general idea is that you take what you have, and add more as you get more. It was common fare at any inn or pub in the Long Ago, popular with hunters and travelers. The stew keeps evolving, never having the same ingredients, and can be kept going indefinitely. In fact, Guiness World Records has a pot on record as having been kept going by one Polynesian family for over 100 years! I was fascinated... Instead of making a different stew or soup every week, why not try this out, and have one constantly changing pot?

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